Let’s call it a magical mystery tour – a fun mix of new music!

The Titos – “Better Day”
-This sounds like you just put your parents album collection on the record player and found a deep cut from a great 70s band. I can’t quite figure out which specific 70s rock band the Titos sound like, but they definitely capture that era well. I like the lyrics, the flavor, and the vocals on this track. It doesn’t have as many plays as it deserves, so let’s spin the heck out of this one, shall we friends? It’s a good tune!

Stirling – “All my friends have got this figured out (acoustic)”
-Stirling writes with an emotional energy that you don’t hear in music much these days. Something about the composition and mix feels a little like Ben Rector. The overall style is really fascinating and relatable. In grad school we called this imposter syndrome… the feeling that everyone else around you knows what they are doing but you are the one struggling. The song packs an emotional punch and Stirling’s vocal style is instantly relatable. It’s a wonderful track.

Tom Mackell – “Place like home”
-This track is listed as Americana, so that means you have to tap your toes. If you just listen to it like it’s some sort of pop rock song, you won’t feel all old timey and happy. (I digress) This is a really fun track from Mackell with a nostalgic core to it. If you’ve ever left home for a time and then returned to have it feel “a bit different” then this song will connect for you. It’s a really interesting genre mashup that will make you want to listen a few times.

Ashe – “Not how it’s supposed to go”
-Well, listening to this track as a man married for 13 years was humbling. I couldn’t help but hear a considerable amount of angst and sadness. At the same time, it made me think about the pressures that society puts on women. Ashe’s hard-hitting lyrics are not just feminist; they bring a kind of conviction that even Madonna couldn’t sing with. This isn’t just celebrating women, it’s confronting the unrealistic expectations that society creates for women. Everyone should listen to this song.

Stone Irr – “Storyline”
-We continue to cover Stone Irr because they keep singing with incredible vocal harmonies. I can’t get over how good they are on every track. This one feels like it came from the middle of the 60s, somehow taking the best of the harmony folk bands and meshing it with some more psych rock elements. It’s an incredibly moving sound and maybe the best we’ve heard yet from Stone Irr.

Vacation Club – “Always or Never”
-The up tempo style here is really enjoyable. I find myself bobbing my head along with the energy here. But the dynamic electro pop style here somehow manages to stand out from that incredibly crowded scene. I love that the mix makes it easy to understand the lyrics yet the overall vibe is still exciting. I like that the lyrics highlight a complex relationship; if you can relate to one of those rocky but wonderful relationships, then this song will connect with you also.

Brady Beard – “Nothing left to do”
-I shared this song with some friends and said, “I want to sit in the room with Brian Wilson and play this song for him.” That’s honestly how I feel about this amazing track. It’s stunning and I’d love to hear what the famous Beach Boys composer would say about the construction and harmonies. The overall sound is really cool. I am definitely coming back to this one personally and I hope you will consider it for your own playlists.

St Joan – “Ride me to school”
-This easy going song will conjure up emotions for a lot of different people, I’m sure. I love the plaintive expressive style here. The heart of the track is about growing up, about people who have cared for you over the years, and about figuring out your own identity. The electric guitar provides a nice basis for the powerful and engaging lead vocal. It’s definitely more lead vocal based than the harmony stuff I typically cover, but the overall performance is “next level.”

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