Four soothing neoclassical tracks for this new week

Prof. Lacasse – “Lost and Found”
-The first time I heard this evocative neoclassical piano piece, I stopped in my tracks. This is the kind of track that explains why I even consider myself a “fan” of neoclassical music. It has such soul and spirit that you feel immediately moved. The phrasing and delicate style is truly breathtaking. Yet each movement within the piece stands on its own. When you take it all in, there’s a soulfully moving truth in the keys here.

Jacob Lavalle – “Nightwalk”
-I can’t explain why I love this piece so much, but something about it speaks to me. I think it’s because each phrase feels like a spoken line of conversation. It feels like you’re having one of those too-late, speak-low conversations with an old friend. Maybe its 2 am and the rest of your friends are asleep at the party, but you’re awake with someone… just talking. Something like that. It’s beautiful and evokes some equally beautiful memories for me.

William Ogmundson – “Scarborough Fair”
-If you’ve been around this neoclassical column for long, you’ve heard several pieces from the prolific William Ogmundson. Taking old favorites like this and adapting them to the neoclassical style is Ogmundson’s forte. The overall piece evokes familiar melodies, of course, but also reimagines the message of the song with a lush and cinematic quality. It’s quite enjoyable.

Luke Duffy – “Telltale Signs”
-Duffy brings an intriguing style to neoclassical. There’s a mood of expectation in this piece. I’m not certain of the context of the title, but it reminds me of cinematic scenes where the main character is building toward something big in the plot. Maybe it’s a work montage or a preparing for battle montage, but the piece holds that “time of preparation” mood in the structure and execution. I find it invigorating.

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