A Weekend Pop Playlist to Serve You Some Good Vibes

Need some music to lift your spirits from the doldrums of daily life? Cool… me too. Here’s the only way I know how to help – a list of some of the best indie-pop songs I’ve heard this week! You’re welcome and you may proceed…

kwassa – “Good Life”

This song is positivity, great vibes, and optimism personified. It’s got a great beat and rich sound that supersedes the ever-present pop genre sameness. The vocals don’t necessarily reinvent the wheel but they are light, solid, and pleasing. This song is a great summer anthem and a great addition to any party playlist. Listen and feel those happy feels, ya’ll.

Salem – “Bad Word”

As commercial pop sounds go, this is in the same vein and definitely has that quality, but what caught my attention was less of the mass productivity potential, but the interesting nuances and syncopated additions to the beat and sound. It’s textured and inviting while still feeling familiar and easy to follow. (You know… when you’re driving and singing along as I do.) So, sing along, dance, mime (I don’t know what you’re into)… just do you. Enjoy!

FERGUS – “Not Enough”

One of the standout songs for me in the last few weeks, this song has all the heart and vigor one wants with a true, darker pop gem. It takes the genre and flips it on its head with poignant lyrics that speak and stellar vocals that pierce. The chorus is really wonderful and full of some great added spark with the guitar and synth. The background vocals are also very etherial in a somber sense and I really like that.

Amy Guess – “Lay Low”

Powerful, strong, and foreboding, this pop song isn’t the status quo but something so much greater. The lead vocals are gritty and authoritative. The beat is dominant and the music is robust. (Yes, robust. I’m using that word and I’m standing by it.) This is an uncommon pop tune with some rock undertones, and a great addition to this list, including your personal playlist.

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