The most commercial (but still indie) country you’ll ever hear on ETTG

Morganway – “In a dream (Coming Home)”
-If you like the pop harmonies of a folk outfit like the Belle Brigade, you will enjoy Morganway. The overall vibe of the song is up beat. The lyrics will have you reminiscing past relationships, but the harmonies will make it feel alright. This is pretty typical of my own taste in music, so I’m happy to feature them here.

Katie and Kelly – “Real Life”
-There’s not much better than sibling harmonies. Add to those great vocals some thought provoking lyrics and a clean electric guitar line and you have yourself a hit. We really like the overall style of Katie and Kelly, writing with precision. It’s not exactly throwback or fully modern country; it’s a unique style that situates right in the middle of a timeless music moment. It definitely works for us!

The Promised – “We could be in love”
-If you miss the old days of Rascall Flatts dominating the country charts, then give The Promised a spin. In fact, some of the spinoffs from the Pentatonix popularity have pointed people to this kind of harmony-driven southern gospel-infused music. This track is a real toe tapper with a dancing and loving energy. It feels like country for a new, younger generation. We’re happy to support that.

Edan Archer – “Younger man’s game”
-Look I’m not saying the lyrics to this song made me blush or anything, but like… it’s got that old timey charm that will make you think back to artists like Kitty Wells. It also has that “cut to the heart of it” truth behind the lyrics. I can’t imagine having this song sung to me! Now don’t mind me I’m going to the gym, eat some vegetables, and make sure I can keep my A game for my wife! (Kidding, sort of.) What a song.

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