A quick guide to Electro Pop goodness

The Modern Strangers – “Be Your Lover”
-I can’t help but groove out when I listen to this track. It’s got a dash of disco and little bit of funk, but whatever you call it this is a fantastic track. I love the layered harmonies, the danceable beat, and of course the feel-good lyrics. If you’ve ever had a blurry night on a dancefloor with a person you might consider for a long term connection, this is the song for you. It just feels good.

Mia Stegner – “Gemini”
-When I first heard this track, I thought “oh my word it’s an American Dodie Clark.” After I listened a bit more, I realize that Stegner has her own charms and is worth her own place in the music industry. There’s a witty charm to the lyrics here that pull me right in. The punctuated, almost-spoken vocal style is really fascinating. I admire Stegner’s wit and sense of melody even in a style that feels as much electronic as musical. “Introverts and extroverts alike we’re all just paradoxes.” Yep.

More Giraffes – “Surf”
-I really dig the danceable groove here. The lyrics keep things on the up and up, so to speak. But what is cool about the overall mood is that it’s like what the Beach Boys would make if they came of age in 2019 instead of the 60s. There’s a beachy glow to the track. The layers in the background provide a perfect basis for the harmonic vocals over the top. I dig it all around.

Glitter Trails – “Beautiful”
-There’s something that feels nostalgically 80s about this track. The lyrics, though, are what really pull me in on this one. I like being told I’m beautiful, ya know? But joking aside, I do dig the vibes of this track. I could hear it on a lot of “pop” playlists these days. It feels like the exact kind of song that should accompany the return of the jumpsuit in 2019.

Sophie Ann – “I don’t wanna know”
-Sophie Ann’s brand of pop is really fascinating. The production on this is flawless, pulling the listener into a crisp commercial sound. After the break in the song, the mood shifts from what feels like a confession to more of a celebration. It’s basically like saying “leave me alone,” but in a poetic and engaging way. It’s more cerebral than a club banger, but it’s definitely worth your time.

All the Rest – “Way Out”
-This song might be the best example of electro pop we’ve found in months. It’s got the synths, of course, but there’s also this killer beat. I like the use of space, too. There’s the intense dance elements, but then some rests that give the listener a chance to mentally a reset. If you’ve ever been in a breakup of a relationship of “what could have been,” this is the perfect track. I really dig this one.

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