A quick-hitting folk and Americana playlist featuring Wilder Woods and Grizfolk (among others)

Phillip Bronchtein – “Oregon Air”
-I have made it publicly known that if I ever “run away from home” it will be to the PNW. Bronchtein’s brilliant atmospheric folk sound on this track helps explain why that’s where I’d go. Bronchtein’s wonderful baritone lead vocal is just gruff enough to feel right, but still flows nicely. This is a beautiful track that embodies the modern folk moment well.

Sam Lynch – “Off the Rails”
-We’ve been covering Lynch a bit here this year with her new music. The vocal quality on this track is absolutely outstanding, as usual with Lynch. There’s also an intriguing critical perspective in the lyrics as well. It’s about being told you’re out of control, or at least wondering if you are. I think anyone with an “outside the box” creative streak can relate to this tune. It’s really wonderful if a bit sad. Lynch can tell a dang story.

Zoe Brush – “Kites”
-This was a first find for us regarding Zoe Brush, but it won’t be a last I pray hope. Brush has a spine-tingling authenticity in her composition. I love the way the piano acts like a second voice to Brush’s own gorgeous voice. The two taken together make my soul hush. I can’t think of a better word than that. This song makes my soul hush in the most pleasant way.

Wilder Woods – “Electric Woman”
-I know, I know… Woods again. Well, the short answer is absolutely. If you’re looking for some of the pure folk music that lies at the core of NeedToBreathe, then this isn’t the track for you. Instead, this is Wilder Woods (Bear Rinehart) taking some real risks. A bit more pop rock than anything else we’ve heard from him in this series of releases, Woods brings some absolute pure energy on this track. Anyone who has ever loved an electric personality will love jamming out to this one.

Grizfolk – “Believing”
-We’ve featured Grizfolk a few times lately, so you know what that means. It’s a new album and we’re feelin’ it for sure. Navigating the middle ground between folk and pop music, Grizfolk have a lot going for them. It’s one of those bands that just seems to get what we like. They don’t call us to consult or anything, but the tight knit harmonies and up beat folky rock is pretty much tailor made for what we love. You’ll find yourself singing along to this one on first listen. It’s SO GOOD.

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