For those about to rock! (Have a good weekend)

Grand Canyon – “Yesterday’s News”
-All you Springsteen fans out there get ready for something outstanding. Grand Canyon has a great energetic rock sound. The driving rock sound feels both like a throwback and something brand new. Literally every note of this track feels like it could have come off of Born in the USA. It’s a really good pure rock track we’re happy to feature.

Plain Faraday – “I see the end”
-This would be considered folk for most people, I think. However, we really liked the track and wanted to roll it out with some other rock-based tracks. Plain Faraday have a wonderful mix of clever lyrics, an interesting melody, and absolutely OUTSTANDING harmonies. Of course if you know my taste in music I was all over this sound. They remind me of what I loved about Pacific Gold, but a bit more up tempo. I could listen to this kind of music all dang long!

Schreiner – “Slow.Sure”
-One of my favorite things about running a music blog is that the Internet has no borders. Here we have a German blues artist who can absolutely shred the genre. It’s a great song for showing the connection between rootsy blues and rock n’ roll. I imagine Chuck Berry himself would enjoy jamming on this record. Schreiner brings a ton of emotion to this performance, taking it from a mere homage into the category of being a bright contribution to the genre of blues rock.

Enok Amrani – “How Many Tears”
-This is a cool track. I don’t mean like surf boards and lingo. I mean like the guitar licks and understated vibe just feels cool as in the temperature. The overall composition just make the listener feel relaxed. It’s a supremely engaging overall sound. I definitely dig the mood created by this track. It would fit right in with a playlist of easy going rock music.

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