Perfect Summer Indie Rock

Florence Rose – “Panic Button”

The Tulsa, OK rock act Florence Rose have captured something special in the blazing three minutes of “Panic Button”. It has a brazen confidence and life that sets it apart from much of the indie rock crowd. The style goes well with the equally as flaming lyrics of a love gone wrong. We also appreciate the Karate Kid name check which going with the kicking guitars. We anxiously wish to hear more from the band.

Kyle Emerson – “I Can Change”

We love this song and video for so many reasons. First and foremost Emerson has an incredibly engaging voice that complements the dreamy rock style perfectly. Lyrically, the chorus is so damn catchy while the whole lyric structure is tight, showcasing just how good of a songwriter he is. Secondly, while we hate many music videos, this is one found a special place in our heart. The grizzly bear that pops up throughout won us over immediately. For me, bears equal coverage no matter what you sound like. It was icing on the cake that this track is incredible.

Summer Salt – “Honeyweed”

If there is a more perfect summer jam, we are yet to hear it. The Austin duo craft hazey and dreamy indie pop that will make even the grumpiest of listeners smile with sheer glee. The “na na na”‘s in “Honeyweed” made us sing along uncontrollably with reckless abandon of socially acceptable behavior. The title track of their newest EP is worth adding to every summer playlist and plays especially well daydreaming, at the beach, or during a slow drive through the fleeting rays of sunshine.

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