Five singer songwriters to brighten your mid July

Gavyn Bailey – “No Space”
-If you’re looking for more of a commercial pop sound for your singer songwriters, give Gavyn Bailey a spin. It’s definitely a sound that you could imagine hearing while you’re at work or out shopping. The quality on Bailey’s vocal does not waiver at all. The overall sound is enjoyable, even with the melancholic lyrics. The mix makes for a style that seems perfect for a popular audience.

Gabrielle Marlena – “Anxiety Dreams”
-This song should probably come with a trigger warning; if you suffer from anxiety in a real tangible way, this song will hit hard. It’s all about how difficult it can be to navigate the world when you’re upset about a relationship. It’s almost entirely internal monologue, but it’s alarming how much of it parallels my own. Get out of my head Gabrielle! Just kidding. You can stay. Your voice is lovely and you make me smile.

Chloe Foy – “Without You”
-I can’t quite think of who Chloe Foy reminds me of. I think it’s Maggie Rogers in her early folk stages. But Foy also reminds me a little of a sort of delicate Joan Baez at times as well. The overall style of her music is really captivating. The image in my head listening to this song is birdwatching. There’s something sweetly natural about Foy’s writing and sincerity. I like this as a genuine form of new folk music.

Dvniel – “Lie to me”
-I’ve honestly never thought of using the letter V for the letter A before, but here we are with Dvniel’s name. Huh. Anyways, if you’re looking for a crisp modern pop sound, spin this track. The lyrical theme is a bit familiar with the top 40 as well, but we found the danceable groove and overall chill style worth featuring. You could definitely put this in your playlist and play for your friends. They’ll all be like “wait, who is this?” Tell them where you found him, please!

Noah Derksen – “Love Come Easy”
-If you’ve been a fan of EarToTheGround for a while, you know Derksen’s music. He’s been a rising star in the folk singer songwriter world for a while. It’s easy to hear what we like about him so much; his phrasing sits right in with greats like James Taylor and Jackson Browne. The songwriting style reminds me of a bygone era when people still actually told narratives with their songs (and didn’t have a trip hop sound track on the country station). I’ll support this sound all the live long day because love is hard but it’s worth the effort.

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