A cool Americana six pack to get you through the weekend

Cold Little Crow – “Silverbell”
-If you are a fan of duo harmonies, you simply have to give Cold Little Crow a spin. This track has a wonderful energy about it. The rolling sound is equal parts the Civil Wars and something a bit more old time, maybe even in the Peter Paul and Mary vintage. The combination, sometimes dark and sometimes brightly inspiring, makes for an exquisite little folk tune.

J.B. Boone – “Hico”
-Are you ready to jangle? Because if you are, you need to get a load of this JB Boone cat. There hasn’t been a folk-meets-pop fusion like this since Marcus Mumford became a superstar. Boone’s style is equal parts jangly folk and powerful pop harmonies that’ll have you tapping toes. Where do I go from here? I don’t know, maybe to an amazing little folk playlist of indie folk hits? Oh and fair warning… there’s a cheeky little F-bomb out of nowhere, so don’t play it for the kiddos.

The Ruralists – “Your bones get old”
-Okay I’m only in my mid 30s, but I feel this song in an existential way. I think there’s something really enjoyable about the tone of this lead singer. But more than anything, it’s the raucous Americana spirit of the track that pulls me in. The overally Tom Petty folk rock mood of the track is enjoyable, making the philosophical lyrics a bit of icing on the cake.

Crowes Pasture – “Slow it down”
-This song is right on the line between folk and country music, so it fits perfect with an Americana collection. The harmonies on this song are absolutely endearing. Something about it almost feels like cozying up to a nice warm fireplace. I know that’s a bit outrageous for those of us in the US right now since we’re in the heat of summer time, but it’s the image I get. I appreciate the philosophical message to slow down and enjoy life. As I often quote to my friends, “stop the glorification of busy.” This song embodies that sentiment beautifully.

Jason Wade – “Independence Day”
-Finding Wade’s music was one of the great treats in recent weeks here in the ETTG offices. Wade sings with a depth and sincerity that we rarely get to hear. I liked the song so much, I put it on three of our playlists on Soundcloud. The acoustic structure feels simple and allows the listener to really reflect on the poetic, inspiring lyrics. There’s a haunting quality about the production here, reminding me a bit of both Matthew Mayfield and David Ramirez. I’m happy to discover another excellent Americana artist.

Emily Hackett – “Easy”
-I don’t usually ride out a song that starts with dissonance, but from the first brooding chord of this track I felt something different. There’s an organ that enters the fray, creating an ominous mood that’ll keep the most skeptical music critic listening. By the time you hear the first crisp vocal from Hackett, your head over heels for this track. Lyrically it’s a typical lyin’ cheatin’ country song, but I’ll be darned if the theological reflection here doesn’t stand out. Why is it so easy to be bad? Great question, Miss Emily.

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