Rising Indie Rock Acts You Need To Hear

The Haunts – “Loose Lips”

With a garage rock soul, The Haunts provide listeners with some compellingly concise jams. “Loose Lips” is incredibly engaging with it’s fuzzed guitar and haunting crooning. The three piece act combine the storytelling of The Strokes, with some more of the upbeat rock acts of the early 2000’s, while still being unique to their generation’s sound. The chorus will have listeners singing along after the first refrain. The Haunts are a band to watch this year as they continue to release tight rock jams.

Junaco – “In Between”

The sound of Junaco is difficult to accurately classify. We put them in this particular rock playlist because, well, it’s incredible. But also, that guitar part has some serious rock teeth that we don’t typically hear within such a dreamy track. Vocally, it lands on shoe gaze territory, while the tempo weaves through various genres seamlessly. The duo’s sound is layered, building into something we have trouble properly describing. We were continually wowed with every repeat listen and are eagerly waiting for more from one of the more diverse and compelling acts we have come across.

The Deadbeat Cousins – “Slow Down”

We round out our list with this week’s guilty pleasure. The blues rock of trio The Deadbeat Cousins is guaranteed to rock you to your very soul. “Slow Down” showcases a budding talent that is as catchy as anything The Black Keys have produced recently, while waving a punk tinged flag that acts like Highly Suspect have made a living on. The Phoenix act brilliantly wields some major rock chops on the few tracks they have released and will continue to wow with their debut album Get By due out soon.

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