Five singer songwriters for your sweet summer solstice

Gavin Cooley – “The Bridge”
-Cooley has a songwriting style that articulately crosses between familiar acoustic and experimental chill rock. The blend, then, brings forth some glowing insights that feel almost shoegaze. When you add in the gentle, near-whispered vocal, you come away with something that feels sweetly magical. I am inclined to compare his work to William Fitzsimmons, but really it stands on its own.

Katie Buchanan – “The Hardest Part”
-Buchanan writes with a sincerity that cuts right through the noise. We featured a real banger from Buchanan a few months ago, so I was excited to hear another from her. This one is a bit slower and more contemplative, but it still hits emotionally. Buchanan’s songwriting prowess has cemented her in this indie rock singer songwriter scene for the long haul. Something about this track feels generational and I’m okay with that (after it opens into the chorus).

Angela Perley – “Don’t Look Back Mary”
-We’ve covered Perley in the past and with about one line you’ll hear why we continue to say yes. Perley can sing. I mean Angela Perley has one of those voices that sounds both comfortable and weathered. The combination is perfect for the Americana songwriting style that she has. This track feels a bit like a hippie tune from the 60s as well as some sort of timeless Americana/country track. I can’t fully explain it, but this songwriting feels like forever.

Dave Cavalier – “Damage is done”
-This track has more emotion in it than some entire albums I’ve listened to in the past. Cavalier is talking about heartache with a bluesy rock style that seems perfect for the genre. The track is ostensibly listed as “alt rock” but it is just a modern spin on timeless blues music. It’s a fantastic, raw, gritty, genuine rock song with some of the most interesting guitar riffs I’ve heard in a long time. This is a great track for people who are a bit bored with the typical “folk singer songwriter” stuff we tend to cover.

Angel Snow – “Arrows”
-One of my favorite things about being a music blogger is running across a track from an artist I don’t know. I click play and the synapses fire in my mind; oh my this is wonderful. Who is it? What am I hearing? Snow’s songwriting did that from first listen. The hypnotic acoustic part creates a gentle bed for the vocal to lay over for the verses. Then the dynamic, more harmonic choruses really stand out. The full composition is slow, methodical, and requires your attention. But if you give your attention, Snow will reward your soul.

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