Rockers Good Fiction Are Ready to Win You Over

The Albany rock act Good Fiction have dropped a set of fuzzed out rock tracks that are as compelling as anything we have recently heard. With the tired mantra of “rock is dead” being quoted tongue and cheek in “Vampire State”, the band appears to be making a statement that their sound definitely is able to back up. It is no surprise they have opened up for acts like X Ambassadors, Sir Sly, and the Joy Formidable.

With tracks like “Leave Her Behind”, we are reminded of a recently retired act Minus the Bear. The slower burn of this one is a perfectly paced piece of indie pop rock. The instrumentation and non-traditional guitar riffs showcase a band in the throes of crafting their own style, devoid of sonic retread. While many acts are playing it safe and sometimes knowingly mimicking bigger acts, Good Fiction are forging excitingly creative new ground.

“Feel It” is a musical middle finger to the music industry, put to a echoed guitar. We think the songwriting on this one is some of the band’s best. It is confident, energetic, and eternally rock and roll.

* Editor’s note: the band released their tracks but have not updated their Soundcloud or Spotify. Here is a playlist that showcases some of their work. Keep an ear out for more in the near future.

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