Contemplative neoclassical music for your midweek

Minismus – “Century”
-Neoclassical music doesn’t need to be in a hurry. It can slowly develop from a peaceful place. That’s what this minimalist sound from Minismus does. There’s no massive orchestral arrangement here. It develops carefully with a melody you’ve never heard before. It’s definitely worth exploring more intently.

Andy Feldman – “Bruised”
-Feldman writes with clear, evocative lines. Something about his phrasing reminds me of older piano chorus music that I grew up enjoying. It’s a welcome sound to bring back. The overall style defies genre, instead feeling like more of a conversation of strings. Each line seems to express a bit of emotion which is open to interpretation for the listener.

Rick Gallagher Project – “Lifeboat”
-Gallagher’s songwriting style is rich with layers, including what sounds like some brushes to create texture in the background. The jazz core of the sound is intriguing. The overall style will pull in a lot of listeners either for easy listening (say a romantic dinner) or just a evening playlist when you’re looking to set the mood for relaxation. It’s a delightful little track.

William Ogmundson – “Red Sun at Morning”
-We don’t typically feature music that isn’t recent, but this one slipped through so we’ll cover it. Ogmundson’s writing has been featured here before. It’s almost like listening to an adventure, whether that’s a film or perhaps an epic video game. Either way, this is a thought provoking track that allows the piano to lull the listener into a bit of a peaceful trance.

Gethen – “Last time I forget you”
-It amazes me how you can listen to a piece like this and feel the conflict in it. I can’t completely understand what makes that conflict so evident, but it oozes through the melodic lines. The use of the piano as the focal point still allows the artist to express deep emotion. This one takes some deep breaths, but if you give it some time you will feel moved.

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