Pop music you want to have on your playlist before your friends

HAN – “gymnasion”
-The lyrics to this song are complex and captivating. But I’ll tell you what made me fall in love with the track, it’s the dynamic electronic work on the chorus as it balances with the quality of the lead vocal. We receive hundreds of electronic tracks every week but they very seldom do what this song does. The production is outstanding. The sincerity in the vocal shines through admirably.

Orla Gartland – “Inevitable”
-Orla Gartland is on that short list of “approve everything” artists for me at this point. It’s inevitable that I will compare her to her friend (and someone we love) Dodie Clark. There’s something about the beautiful, palatable, accessible pop music that they make. I adore the magic that Gartland seems to bottle with her deceptively complex melody lines.

Meiko – “Name that Tune”
-We have covered Meiko several times in the past, but her music continues to transcend her competitors. The soft, sweet vocal quality continues to impress me. The lyrics on this track are immediately accessible. It’s about self reflection as well as figuring out how you fit in with the world. The introspection is strong with this one… but it’s so gentle and enjoyable with the guitar, ya know?

Bellsaint – “Like Gold to Me”
-I had a hard time deciding whether to put this on the pop playlist or the Americana playlist. In point of fact this track is a really impressive vintage pop song. I love that it has a sort of mid-50s happy-go-lucky vibe to it. It reminds me of the “rebellious teenager” vibe of that decade. The loving lyrics are great and are almost guaranteed to make you think of some crush that you had a while back. The harmonies on this track work perfect for creating depth. I am a total sucker for this kind of music. Today – I became a Bellsaint fan.

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