Mid-week potpourri playlist – songs about life, love, and loss

Hugo M Hardy – “Swallow Your Words”
-If you’re looking for a song that can apply to many different situations, this easy going pop-flavored song from Hugo M Hardy will do the trick. It’s complex in places, but also accessible for anyone who has ever been consumed by a conflict with a loved one. I appreciate the depth yet it still being a song that’s easy to listen to overall.

Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers – “Just Passing Through”
-I appreciate the up tempo style of this track and how it feels like you’re on an adventure. It’s almost like a road trip tune. I am especially partial to the vocal harmonies, but the optimistic melody is enjoyable as well. I am not sure what to call it in terms of genre, so I’ll slap that Americana label on it and enjoy tapping my toe to this fun little track. Maybe I’ll even cruise to this one with the windows down…

Nicholas Edward Williams – “Writer of Songs”
-The “songs about songwriting” trope is pretty old school, for sure. But this tune takes that theme a new step to talk about the songwriting industry in a critical way. I like the phrasing and style of Williams, a bit reminiscent of a few other folksters like Joe Purdy in the modern era and even a bit of Pete Seeger in the past. Williams writes with clarity and precision, allowing the simplicity of a few instruments to tell the story. The lyrics are great but the total production will bring me back for more to be sure.

Courtship – “Guy stuff”
-If you like piano pop music, you’ll love this track from Courtship. It’s an infectiously enjoyable indie pop that is a textbook example of the genre. The happy-go-lucky vibe of the track is a ton of fun, getting your toes tapping or your whole body dancing. What I love, though, is that the lyrics are devastatingly critical even though the song feels so fun and exciting. As a guy, though, I have to say… he’s not wrong.

Colton Venner – “Hold on to the blame”
-I kept thinking I had heard this vocal before and figured it was just because he sounds a little like David Ramirez, but then I searched on our site and we actually covered him a while back. It’s nice to hear that Venner is still writing impressive music like this. I appreciate the moving, emotional lyrical content here. The whole composition is about restoration and renewal, protection and depth. Relationships are complex and this track will help the listener reflect on that. Oh yeah and it’s important to move on.

Misty Mountain – “Goodnight”
-I appreciate the relaxed style of this track. The lead vocal is fantastic, which really wins the song over for us. There’s an intimacy in the production that makes it worth your time for sure. The male-female harmonies are perfect for this one. Misty Mountain are one of those groups that remind me a bit of the Wind and the Wave in the ability to use modern elements sparingly, creating a sound that lives in the middle of an old time folk aesthetic and a modern pop sound. The end result is pleasing to the ears while conveying meaningful, lyrically driven songs.

Safe as Houses – “Lucky Lucky”
-This up tempo anthem is a perfect blend of folk and rock elements. It puts a smile on my face with every listen. I totally can relate to not even knowing what it means to be lucky. The song’s vibe is sort of like a “live and let live” or “go with the flow” feel, which I think is great. If you like a song that’ll get your head bobbing and put a smile on your face, definitely spin this tune from Safe as Houses. It’s a good time that’ll make ya think.

Stop Motion Poetry – “Dead Rose”
-When it comes to indie rock, we get all sorts of types. When that sound has harmonies that remind me of the Eagles, my interest is piqued. This song honestly sounds like it could have been written in the mid 70s, mid 90s, or today. I adore the energy of the track, the introspective and sometimes-abstract lyrics, but also the sincerity of the mood. The whole composition comes together for something that already feels classic. I can’t wait to dig deeper into the music of Stop Motion Poetry soon!

Sweetheart – “Ghosts”
-I’ll bet this is the best Norweigan folk song you’ve heard today. In fact, it might be the best Norweigan folk song you’ve ever heard in your life. But kidding aside, I genuinely love this song. I like how it’s in no hurry to tell the story. The vocal harmonies are wonderfully tender, pulling the listener in from the start. It’s great that the song feels like a carefully written poem with just enough instrumentation to help the message go down smooth. This is a treasure of a song and I’m fortunate to have found it.

Modern Monet – “Hollywood”
-Modern Monet are a juxtaposition in almost every way. The name conveys a connection with an iconic impressionistic painter, but made modern. The sound is intimate folk harmony music like you might expect from someone like the Civil Wars, yet the image is David Bowie and flashy. It’s the juxtaposition that makes me love this song so much, though. “You and I are made for life.” It’s intimate and sweet with a bit of existential commentary for good measure. Don’t dismiss this as simple easy going folk music; this is a sweet-and-sassy declaration of purpose that wins me over every listen.

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