Missio: Rising Electro Pop Duo Delivers With Sophomore Release

A few years ago, the indie electro duo Missio released one our favorite songs in recent memory. “Middle Fingers” is an ode to the days, people, and situations that frustrate. It was an impressive introduction to the clever and deceptively talented act. While many would ride a track like that for countless remixes and advertising spots, Missio used it only as a warm up.

The Darker the Weather / / The Better the Man is the new LP that proves this act is more than the sum of their worldwide hit. “I See You”, the lead single, is on par with any of the ginormous pop acts of the current age (I.e. Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors). The intimate video is a part of one of our favorite initiatives by Vevo in order to bring live performances of rising acts and it further endears the band to us.

“I See You” rests as a stand alone track layered with intrigue and heart. We highly recommend checking Missio out for yourselves. Check out their new album here.

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