Two Exceptional Must Hear Singles

Median – “Time Alone”

We love this Philadelphia act. Reminding us of early Brand New and The Story So Far, they form tight and deeply emotive indie rock tracks that are sure to make listeners feel an exceptional array of feels. The shared vocals add another layer, which will remind you of some of your favorite acts from your youth. Gaining much deserved respect from Rolling Stone and the Philadelphia Eagles, this band is looking to continue their impressive streak.

Jack Shields – “Live it Light”

If you missed last month’s feature on Shields, we suggest you check it out. It seems to us, everything this young singer songwriter puts out is extraordinary and strangely optimistic. With “Live it Light”, the artist continues winning us over. The blend of piano and slide guitar is fantastic, and really speaks to the production and mix. Lyrically it is nostalgic and building throughout. We don’t want to give an artist like Jack Shields a label genre speaking, but this track has some good Americana and Country shades too it without getting too bogged down. If he is not on your radar yet, drop what you are doing and get hip to his creative soul.

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