3 Incredibly Chill and Dreamy Tracks

Caleb Harris – “A Day in June”

The songwriting here is incredible. Layered over impressively intimate guitar work, “A Day in June” gives listeners everything needed for an emotive musical exploration. Harris crafts a perfectly chilled but emotive sonic experience. The vocals transport you into his alternative reality, with both emotional highs and lows throughout. We love this track and the way it haunts listeners after the final note. This is an instant favorite of ours.

SYML – “Connor”

If you have read us for any length of time, chances are you have come across SYML. His downtempo soul gives us all the feels, and the critical world is taking notice. After releasing an impressive album, the artist has accumulated over 100 million streams, a budding fanbase, and playlist adds at a fever rate. His romantic musical view is endearing and is sure to continue his ascent to the ears and hearts of many.

Far Caspian – “Astoria”

This one is a surprising track. Musically, it seems like it will break out into a more danceable indie pop track, while vocally it demonstrates a beautiful restraint. The production value on this one is especially intriguing and really helps to develop the band’s sound, which we were already very much in love with. If you dig bands like Real Estate and Wild Nothing, then Far Caspian should be on heavy rotation in your ear buds.

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