Product Review: Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones

For all you gearheads out there… this is not your review. I’ll not be measuring the hertz of output. I’ll probably not measure anything, honestly. This is a review by a user for fellow users. I like these headphones and I aim to tell you why.

As a music blogger, I needed a pair of comfortable studio quality over-ear headphones that would allow me to process many tracks in a sitting. So let’s talk about a few of the key things that I like about these headphones:

  1. The Sound – Of course the first thing you need a pair of headphones to do is sound good. These ones are crystal clear, allowing me to hear both channels really well. Although they are not noise cancelling officially, they do a really good job of sealing out most ambient noise. The balance seems perfect with them. They can show off bass when it’s prominent in a track, but they seem to be an authentic representation of the recording.
  2. The Fit/Comfort – There’s padding on the over-ear phones that is super comfortable. They’re like pillows on the side of your head. They are adjustable to allow for larger (mine) and smaller (my kids’) heads. They were clearly designed for hours of studio use. I typically can work with them on for 4-5 hour sets before my ears get too warm and I need a break. That’s pretty impressive. There’s even padding across the top so you don’t have that stark contrast of a plastic band in your scalp. In fact, unlike other headphones I’ve tried, I often don’t even think about these being on my head at all. I just feel like there’s a band jamming inside my head, which is perfect and allows me to comment on what I’m hearing rather than focusing on the tool that gets the music to my brain.
  3. The Price/Affordability – So I actually bought these. Hashtag not sponsored. Hashtag maybe next time. But seriously I bought them with my own hard earned money, so you better believe I was a very harsh critic. Coming in typically around $99 (give or take), I think these are an insanely good deal. They sound and feel great, but what’s cool is that you’re getting studio quality headphones for a fraction of the price of comparable units. And ask any gearhead – Sennheiser are a trusted brand for sure. The price-to-performance ratio here is excellent.

I highly recommend these “cans” for anyone looking for a nice mid-range set. If you’re looking for more expensive phones then you better be charging it to an account for a client because these are absolutely enough for the average audiophile. Are you looking for affordable high quality headphones? Are you looking for the best deal for a pair of headphones on Amazon? If yes, these Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones are a great choice.

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