Jack Shields Builds Expressive and Dreamy Folk

The music of singer songwriter Jack Shields is so close to our heart, that we had no choice but to cover his new single “Ghost”. A perfectly layered track that easily pours out of your speakers and into your heart, it tells of an artist who has enraptured styles and textures from many different beloved genres. Instead of being crowded, the track is intentional and free to play without hindrance. Spending time in both California and Connecticut, the trail he has etched comes out in the richness of his sound and performance.

Many will describe his style as folk, but while we do not disagree, upon every listen, we heard more influences and nods to bygone eras. The end result is something beautiful and needed in this stressfully absurd time we find ourselves in. Words like “dreamy”, “enchanted”, and “rich” come to mind, but instead of listening to us, table your cares for a bit and give the track a spin for yourself. The swelling sound is sure to enrich your day.

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