ELKI Dances Her Way Into Our New Favorite Music Video

We are suckers for a great music video. While many dismiss the medium as remnants of a bygone era, we strive to find the artists that continue to break new ground in the saturated art form. Recently, we came across one of the best we have seen this, or perhaps any, year.

ELKI is an Australian songwriter who crafts incredible hooks and melodies, while pushing the art of the video into playful and impressive limits. The artist approaches Kate Bush territory, while still maintaining a tight pop presence that will pull in listeners from all genres. For “Nightmare”, ELKI choreographs a dumbfounding amount of movements that is incredibly fun to watch. The track alone is catchy, but when it narrates such a thoughtfully planned video, it showcases a complete art from a complete artist.

I wrote a large chunk of ‘Nightmare’ in my sleep and woke up with the opening verse fully formed.” She explains. “Writing comes out of daydreaming and switching off the phone, getting into a subconscious state and tuning out. I think that’s where ‘Nightmare’ came from – my brain looking for a way to express all those pent up ideas. If I haven’t been tweaking a melody, scribbling a lyric, or re-recording a demo, I feel like it’s a day wasted. That’s why I’m a firm believer in turning the technology off and doing your own thing.”

We think you will really enjoy ELKI. Look for more from the expressive artist later this year.

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