Mid-week musical oasis – instrumental music for relaxation

William Ogmundson – “Dance of the fairies”
-We have been covering a few of Ogmundson’s tracks here lately. There’s a sweet subtlety to the compositions that keeps us coming back for more. I feel like it both calms and invigorates me. I sometimes wonder about the titles of instrumental music, but make no mistake on this one; it’s delicate as a fairy might like but there’s certainly a rhythm demanding of a light and agile dance. It’s beautiful.

Ed Carlsen – “Yearn”
– I love how this track takes on a life of its own. There’s no strict genre convention here. It’s got a bit of minimalist piano, but the strings in the background and the electronic elements also give it new character. I can’t help but think of experiencing some beautiful adventures, perhaps going for a hike with friends or a cut scene from a moving showing a good time. I adore the contemplative yet adventurous spirit of this composition.

Christina Higham – “Flight of fancy”
-The technical proficiency of this piece is really stunning. I don’t fully know how to explain what I’m hearing, but I find that it moves me emotionally. The rolling piano melodies feel comforting while they encourage the listener to turn inward. It’s a sound track for introspection. I could picture this being perfect for journaling and thoughtful reflection.

Variant Sea – “Selene”
-The song is named after a person, presumably, named Selene. However, the track could have just as easily been called “Serene.” It is tranquil and soft. It reminds me of what it used to feel like when I would sit down next to the creek that ran by my parents’ house as a child. No matter what, the water ran by. If you threw in a rock, the creek would shape shift around the rock. The balance of the keys, strings, and electronic sounds in this track feel like that shapeshifting stream; happy to carry the creatures and bits of rock or dust as far as it needed to go. Natural. Beautiful. Peaceful.

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