Patch Kid: Can’t Miss Indie Rock With Heart

The music of Patch Kid are energizing and extremely upbeat. The new EP, Guts, is a classic piece of lo fi rock goodness akin to acts like Cloud Nothings and Japandroids but with it’s own style and rock grace. The lead single, “Ain’t My Day”, is one of our favorite rock tracks we have heard this month (and maybe this year). The guitars are gritty but bright, and the lyrics come at you with passion and a hidden pop catch. The end result is a near combustible rock jam you need to hear. “The lyrics deal with the daily frustration of waking up to another day where it’s inevitable you’ll be going through the motions, explains the artist. “And that every argument you have will remain unresolved as you continue to ignore your own flaws.” We dig rock like this because it has an endearing everyday man quality that resonates will many, but also because of the joy and even hope that pours out of every note.

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