Inspiring Americana in spring 2019

Daniel Donato – “Sweet tasting Tennessee”
-Since Nashville is in Tennessee, there are an inordinate number of songs written about that state. This love song to a place and people from Daniel Donato is enough to put a smile on anyone. It’s easy going, keeps moving, and is optimistic. It’s a kind of Americana that’s lighthearted and fun.

Reddening West – “Wander On”
-This folk song is a quintessential Americana track. The stringed instrumentation that appears in the foreground of the piece is deeply satisfying. There’s some sort of electronic work in the background (keyboard?) that is great for establishing depth. When the full composition comes together, it feels like a distinctly 2019 folk sound. The lyrics about wandering, hiking, and seeking all come together for a solid track.

David Quinn – “In my dreams”
-Well well, what have we here? I hear a honky tonk piano, love song lyrics, and is that a steel guitar? Mmhmm. This is the sound of America, circa 1958. There’s a soft, gentle spirit to the song that goes perfectly with the soft hearts of the folks who made this music famous. They had hard, calloused hands and warm, God-fearing hearts. I love that the song is about heartache but has such a positivity to it. Ain’t no use hangin’ your head son; just write a song and move on. This is seriously amazing.

Amberlee – “What a pity”
-If you’re a fan of Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, you’ll love Amberlee. She’s the genuine article. Just listen to this girl SING. Oh my word. The throwback two-step style here is endearing in and of itself, but it only works because Amberlee brings a top notch vocal to it. The lyrics feel timeless, the full composition is enjoyable, and the lead vocal steals the show. This is a throwback country gem.

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