Mother Night: Stunning Indie Electro

Perhaps the most telling piece of trivia needed to understand UK electro act Mother Night, is the name of their upcoming album. A Lifetime of Uninhibited Pleasure is set for release in April, and already the band has us insanely stoked. While coming across tons of music identified as “indie electro” daily, it was this act that stood out and immediately grabbed our attention. Their talent of crafting a dark wave tinted track, while putting listeners into a blissful trance, is hypnotic and exceptional.

“Not Ourselves” illustrates the talents of the act as it builds and is layered with compelling vocals and an impressive soundscape. If you dig acts like Big Data and Joywave, then Mother Night are sure to fit nicely into your playlists. With “Not Ourselves”, the act has piqued our interest and are sure to do the same for listeners across the globe.

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