Pop jams for the new week

Strange Talk – “Stick by you”
-This track has a medium disco beat, but we’re willing to take it because it just feels SO COOL. I can’t help but think of a really trendy place like Hollywood or Venice Beach. It’s snappy and envigorating, while also having this kind of vintage tint to it. I feel like I should be wearing some really tricked out sunglasses listening to this. It’s fun.

WILD – “It only gets better”
-There’s a really fun vibe to this track. It’s hand-clappy and very happy. The intensity of the recording will have you singing along. There was a wave of this kind of music about five years ago, but this track from WILD comes back with even more joy. I bet this would be absolutely amazing to dance to at a festival with a bunch of crazy people.

Aaron Taos – “Denial”
-This track has a nice chill vibe to it. The lyrics will sneak right up on you, be warned. The chill vibe will help get this song on a lot of playlists, though. I am feeling this for a nice mid-afternoon work playlist as long as you’ve got some headphones for the lyrics. If you’ve never been “drunk on denial” then you’ve lived a charmed life. This is saucy and seductive, dark and depressing, but despite all of that resonates in my soul sincerely.

Suns Up – “Just Because”
-There’s a bit of 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s in this track. I’m not sure exactly how Suns Up pulled off this electrifying sound, but I really dig it. I think it’s perfect for a workout playlist. It’ll keep you moving, but also has these charming lyrics that will have you thinking of someone you love (or want to love). It’s a ton of fun and the beat keeps it moving while the lead vocal fits perfectly in the pocket for an idyllic pop song.

Dabin x Inukshuk – “Another Day”
-If glorious, highly produced, lush melodies are interesting to you, then this track “Another Day” from Dabin x Inukshuk is perfect for you. I don’t always love the indie electro scene, but when I find something like this I can fall SO HARD for it. There’s such a beautiful positive energy here I can’t help but listen over and over. In short, it makes me feel young again.

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