Brand new Americana you have to hear to believe – March 2019

Cat Clyde – “Anymore”
-This is an absolute heartbreaker that would do Hank Williams himself pretty damn proud. It’s a two step beat and has lyrics that’s make you cry your eyes out. This is what country music is all about, honestly. Clyde’s style is mesmerizing. From first listen I immediately put this modern classic on my song of the year list. I can’t wait for Clyde’s next full length album.

Pretty Archie – “Stay the same”
-Every time I’ve listened to this track, the lead singer of Pretty Archie reminds me of Tyler Childers. That’s pretty damn high praise. And you know what, the rest of the song ain’t bad either. The pickin is rich and rewarding. The juxtaposition between the twangin banjo and the bangin electric guitar really does it for me. I tend to be a fan of separating classic bluegrass and modern rock, but this one hits it out of the park. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Pretty Archie.

Tyler Ramsey – “Firewood”
-Ramsey is not a new name to our site. We’ve covered his eclectic acoustic Americana in the past. This track is no different in terms of the engaging, thoughtful style. You’ll find yourself remembering the heyday of Neil Young when you listen to Ramsey’s style. It’s got an intriguing virtuosity to it. It’s like you’re listening to a composer that not everyone “gets” but you feel like it satisfies your soul. The unique harmonics combined with poetic lyrics make for a phenomenal listening experience.

Izzy Hentai – “Marching Song”
-The phrasing on this captivating song is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. It recalls the early days of troubadours who carried around messages from town to town. Hentai’s vocal has a unique timbre to it that has layers of intrigue. Then the subtle piano helps to take the song in a welcoming, warm direction. When the horns enter, though, the track takes on a truly new dynamic. “Feel like I’m dragging and dragging you down…” Been there, brother. I feel this song so personally it hurts.

The Brothers Reed – “Never Mind”
-When we first heard Brothers Reed in this new track, we couldn’t help but give out a hearty “hell yeah.” The harmonies are excellent, as is often the case in sibling groups, but these guys take things in a solid direction. The fusion of rock and country here works pretty well. “Why are we so scared of changing?” Great question. Listen to this one with a focus on society over self and you’ll get a ton out of it.

Lily Arbor – “Happy Land”
-You don’t find “Americana” from Sweden every day, but here we are. Lily Arbor stunned me with her crystal clear vocal on first lesson. In fact, the more I listened the more I liked it. There are just some vocalists who have the ability to open their soul with their voices. This track does it. It’s the opening of a dream for all of us to see and experience. Maybe you’re at a place in life where your dreams seem impossible; give this a listen and find hope again.

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