Five singer songwriters for your weekend

Kaypo – “Welcome to the human race”
-There’s a cool energy to this track that seems to be all bound up in the lead vocal. The guitar is cool as well, with an almost tinny sound in the strings. It comes together for this vibe that is both relaxed but will get you moving at the same time. It’s humanist in its focus, but ultimately creates an encouraging and positive vibe. It’s much needed in our broken world.

PARK – “Vaping in public”
-Full disclosure: Dave Parker is a friend of mine IRL.
-Regardless of that disclosure, I would have approved this track. This is an amazing track that mixes piano and guitar melodies nicely. I love the phrasing on the chorus, especially. I grew up in the same culture as Parker, so the lyrics resonate with me in a deep personal level. But it’s got crossover appeal to a lot of different creatives. The narrative quality makes me lean in and listen close every time. It will make you think of like five different friends all at once and that’s a pretty amazing gift from a song. I don’t know where you all are these days, but this one’s for Dave, Zack, Lindsey, Autumn, Odie, and Albert.

Chris Ayer – “Mad eye”
-Not all break up songs are created equal, so this one definitely stands out in a good way. It’s got some heartache in there for sure, but also a great deal of frustration. Most break up songs are about the pain after the fact, but this one focuses on the trauma of confronting the moment. Gosh. I didn’t know I needed a song about this, but my soul is feeling it. I love the juxtaposition between such a sad moment and melody that feels upbeat at times. The whole acoustic sensibility works great for this one. Ayer has a promising Greg Holden style pop singer songwriter vibe to his work.

Joel Baker – “What’s a song”
-Baker has an eclectic style that keeps me coming back for more. His accent gives a real character to his lyricism. The basic sentiment about the purpose of music necessitating connection is at the very heart of this blog. Beyond that, the easy going groove is a lot of fun. You’ll find yourself singing along in the chorus and wanting to call your friends.

Caroline Lazar – “Parking Lot”
-If you’re having a frazzled day or experiencing the end of a long week, give this track a spin. Something about it reminds me of a bygone era, a simpler and more beautiful time. The lyrics are really personal, but they feel extremely accessible. Lazar reminds me a bit of what I loved about Jeremiah Daly. There’s a sincerity in her voice that just makes you like what she has to say, even when it’s soul-crushingly sad. It’s not about making you feel good so much as it’s about making you feel… when you otherwise might be numb.

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