Noah Kahan: : : 200 Million Streams and A Whirlwind

After over 200 million streams garnered by the hit “Hurt Somebody”, the life of artist Noah Kahan got messy to say the least. The young artist found sudden international exposure like few every taste. “I was really overwhelmed with a lot of the stuff going on in my life,” explains Kahan. “I was super happy, but it was a lot to process. So, I went home from the studio for a bit. I relaxed and started writing. In doing so, I came up with this cool idea about actually going home and what that means. I’m wondering if I should go home and leave everything behind. Would it bring me more happiness? Would I be able to connect with others? I think it brings the whole concept of the record together for me.”

On his new single, “Mess”, we hear the artist caught in the tension of attention and normalcy. His honest songwriting is compelling for those who might not typically listen to his brand of pop, while his spirit is endearingly hopeful, which also resonates with many. Even if you do not particularly love artists like Shawn Mendes or Ed Sheeran, we think something within the sound of Kahan will connect with you. We were reminded more of George Ezra when we heard “Mess”, in the way he builds a song that can easily be sung back to your speakers while still having indie credentials. Despite his success, he still has an everyday man quality to him that we appreciate and will probably account for some of his success.

Noah Kahan is busy on the road supporting James Bay and Dean Lewis this year. Be prepared to hear even more from the rising artist in the following year.

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