Mid-week music mix – folk, rock, and indie pop

The Currys – “Fault Lines”
-If you’re new around here, then let me tell you a secret; I’m a sucker for harmony vocals. I absolutely love when they come with an enjoyable song and a melody that pulls you in. The Currys have a real good one with “Fault Lines” that allows the vocal harmonies and the pseudo-country composition to convey the message well. It’s a fun track that mixes a number of our favorite genres.

Matthew Pinder – “Break My Heart”
-The first time I heard Pinder I stopped right in my tracks. He reminds me of early Noah Gundersen and that’s about the highest praise I can give. After listening to the track more, I hear a unique soul expressing some incredibly thoughtful lines. It’s a sound that feels familiar, yet somehow cuts through the noise of the music industry as genuine. In short, this is the kind of track that gets and keeps my attention. It’s simply beautiful.

Joesef – “LIMBO”
-The folks who make decisions on genre call this one neo-soul and I’m okay with that. It’s also saucy, but that’s “not a genre” people tell me. It’s full of spirit and energy that will make 10 out of 10 people bust a move right in their chair. It’s almost NSFW because it makes people groove so hard. But seriously the chill vibe of this track is some of the most exciting neo-soul we’ve heard so far in 2019. For fans of D’Angelo.

Michael Barrow and the Tourists – “Sweet Honey”
-This track has the imagery and vibe of a 60s tune. Even the guitar tones sound like they were captured in a time capsule in 1966. However, something about the production and snappy style reminds me of a more modern time. No matter what time period it makes you think of, the romantic lyrics and up tempo style make it a fun-loving, danceable good time track.

Liv Charette – “Bones” (Live)
-It seems like there are a lot of folks in country music right now trying to do the “in your face” attitude thing. The beginning of the track makes you think she’s about to put you in your place, but then there’s a shift that happens with the chorus where it feels more like a feel good track. I mostly like it because Charette’s vocals are unbelievably strong. I’d love to hear her cover some classic Patsy Cline or Loretta Lynn tracks. She’s got the pure vocal chops to pull it off.

Patsy – “Why am I waiting on you?”
-This is ostensibly a blues rock song, but I’ll tell you it’s got some soul to it that is hard to find in the modern music world. The way the vocals lay on this track feels like Creedence to me. It’s got this gritty style that feels genuine rock n’ roll. The timeless, vintage lyrics are the kind of thing that resonates with me. When you add in the killer guitar breaks, the track is a signed-sealed-delivered rock hit for me.

White Star Bulb Company – “Rare Sun”
-The promo materials on this track go on about riddles and a mysterious identity. To be frank, I don’t care. I don’t care the story behind the soul behind this glorious composition. I love it. I already love whoever wrote it, even if I never meet this soul. The bass is exceptional, the guitar soothes, and the whole composition is a thing of Americana beauty. This is what “genre-defying” and poetic lyrics can do when they meet. It’s hard not to think of names like Gundersen and Isbell when spinning this one…

Hayley Reardon – “Where I Know You”
-There ain’t too many love songs that come out these days that’ll hit you like this one. It’s got an angellic lead vocal to sooth the heart of the listener while expressing one of the most tranquil verses of the year. The entire composition feels like it was meant to just make the world a better place. And hot damn we’re happy to support this. Usually when I pair a song with a drink it’s something like whiskey, but for this one have a cup of tea and relax. It’ll make you think of someone you love and we’re all about that around here.

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