Jenny Kern and the Little EP that Most Definitely Could and WILL.

March 1, 2019. Put it in your calendar. It marks the release date of this debut EP and it makes me so beyond excited to dig deeper into the captivating Jenny Kern.

The EP is full of texture, nuance, and genuine talent. It’s not overly-produced that can be the mistake made by many understated artists. It’s perfectly balanced with melancholy and whimsy. Honestly, she’s reminiscent of other indie artists Julien Baker and Pheobe Bridgers, and shares a similar vocal tambre similar to Dido, but there’s something very interesting and exclusive about this work. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but she’s something kind of wonderful.

The first track, Build a Bridge starts with a homey, familiar stirring electric guitar that speaks to some other popular indie works or even movie music and her voice definitely leaves you wanting more. The guttural huskiness of her simple vocal tone is somehow powerful, yet quiet at the same time. Tumultuous love with the hope of making it work is a welcomed theme. After the second chorus, the additions of the echoed “toms” of the drums adds a depth of sound and feeling. It’s a great, hope-filled piece.

Slow Burn envokes ALL the feels and incites a melancholic view. The chorus says, “I think I lost my way. Broken in flames. And the ashes, they don’t come back. The ashes, they don’t come back.” It’s poetic sadness that still offers promise. Sometimes we have to just let go, let the flame burn, and start over. That concept hits me super close and for me, this feels very anthem-like. I don’t doubt that many others would agree.

The third song Carousel is full of lyrical satisfaction. Forvieness is a tricky cycle, music like a carousel. We go round and round and sometimes never get off and move on. Musically, it’s more energetic than the first two songs with the addition of drums, synth, organ, and guitars. It’s lends itself well to the theme.

Old Friend wraps up the EP with a darker, super fun tone. Demons and monsters lurk lyrically, vocally, and musically here. They wreak havoc in our minds like an old friend we can’t seem to turn away. Delicious lyrics, full of imagery and emotion move fluently between minor chords and a well-timed instrumental crescendo. The more we give in to the darkness, the louder it becomes. The background vocals are spectacular, truly. This is a fun, lasting way of ending this short, but very sweet EP.

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