Indie pop done right – February 2019

Lane Simkins – “Cycles”
-There’s so much light and space in this track that makes it incredible. The lyrics are philosophical and maybe even a bit existential. The central premise of working really had to break a negative cycle in your life is really intriguing to me.

Postscript – “Miles Away”
-There’s an infectious, fun energy to this track. It’s ostensibly about distance, but it’s also about the emotions at the heart of relationships. The lead vocal is very distinctive, allowing the indie pop duo to stand out in a crowded scene.

RKCB – “Til We’re In the Sea”
-This track reminds me of many good and beautiful things all wrapped into one. There’s a bit of early Bon Iver in there. There’s a bit of Sleeping at Last, too. But more than anything, RKCB bring this mix of energy and gentleness to this clap-filled track that will just flat out make you feel good. I haven’t enjoyed a track out of pure emotion like this one in a long time.

Sharlet Crooks – “Maybe Love”
-At first blush you might think this is a country song, but it’s noooooot. This is indie pop all the way. There’s a pop sensibility to the chord progression and overall message. If you stick around ’til the chorus you’ll be singing along. This is a mesh of pop and blues for an Americana ballad that defies easy category. Crooks’ distinctive vocal sets it apart in a world that needs more powerful vocals like this.

Benjamin Dakota Rogers – “Better by now”
-We cover a lot of acoustic singer songwriters around here, so when we do feature one it has to be good. Rogers is talented. The way he cranks up the intensity of the vocal on the “really oughta know better by now” on the chorus reveals something deep and satisfying. It’s disturbingly personal, yes just as disturbingly accessible for anyone to relate to the lyrics. This one might not make the top 40, but it’ll rip your damn soul out.

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