State of the Blog Address: 2019 for EarToTheGround Music

Friends, readers, music lovers, thank you for taking time to read this address.

Let us first say thank you. We recently reached 700,000 all-time views on our website, a milestone that seems ridiculously impossible. Our social media continues to grow, with Instagram taking off in the past year. Our Facebook and Twitter following is slow and steady, but remains an important part of bringing traffic to our site.

We have some plans for 2019 to continue to develop the site. One of our early priorities is to bring back our merch for sale. Only the OGs will remember the tshirts we once sold. But now we’re going to bring them back with a vengeance… or maybe just with nice logos and sensible color choices. But what other types of merch should we have? Coffee cups? A must with this crowd. Let us know what else you might like to see.

We want to continue producing 5-6 articles every week, helping artists continue to share their new music and helping you, THE FANS, find new exciting music. We want to maintain that schedule and continue to improve the quality where we can. The depth of a well written review may not always reflect in the stats, but does our writing hearts good.

In a world that continues to feel dire, with the looming threat of nuclear war on the horizon, we can’t help but have even more reason to pour into this website. Whatever we do, may it be to help our neighbors near and far to love more deeply. May we be a bit of a bright patch on the earth, where people continue to learn about love and life, break ups and hook ups, the best and most beautiful moments remembered and cherished. That’s what music does for us.

We want to address a few specific crowds:

To the folks we have covered: Thank you for sharing our writing with your fans. Thanks for taking a chance to send us your music. We appreciate the several hundred artists we covered in 2018 and look forward to more music that we will share in 2019.

To the folks we have not covered: Thank you for your interest in our site and for sending along music. If you didn’t make the cut with your first crack at it, please PLEASE send us the next track. Send us your other project and your side project and that concept band you haven’t started yet, but will have a demo in a few months. We want that too. We want to hear all the music that you believe in and love and can’t wait to share with the world. We’re sorry if we might have disliked the production or the vocal or the electro blips that you put in the background. It’s not personal. It’s subjective and we know that. But we also hear a LOT of music and have a pretty good idea what is “new and different” and what is just a bit too funky for what our readers like. Keep being you. NEVER stop creating.

To our readers: THANK YOU for showing up daily or weekly or monthly or whenever it is you make time to read our humble corner of the internet. Thank you for the articles you share with your friends. Thank you for being excited about new bands that you find just like we do. We hope that you slow dance with your beloved to the love songs you find here. We hope that you cry when you hear a good heartache song. More than anything, we hope that reading EarToTheGround gives you an opportunity to feel more alive.

That’s why we’re here.

To abundant life in 2019, to good music with neighbors all over the planet, and to making our little corner of the Internet a little bit better than it was last year.

Grace and peace to you and yours,

Greg and Matt

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