Let’s light a fire with this indie rock – January 2019

The Strumbellas – “Salvation”
-Truthfully we already covered this song a few weeks ago, but you know what we were so excited to get this inspired video we accepted it again. The Strumbellas are about to really take off this year, so we’re happy to be a part of the hype! We love the energy and harmonies. “I’m not perfect, they say, but I know that I was born to be loved.” Amen!

Luke Franks – “Lift Up”
-There’s a darkness and intensity to this track that I can’t ignore. It feels almost like madness in an Edgar Allen Poe sense. Do you feel it, too? Imagery of demons and visions and brokenness… it’s fascinating. The chord choices here fit the theme perfectly. Then those dulcet harmonies just work to take you deeper into the darkness. Beautiful.

Landon Elliott – “By Now (Live)”
-I’ll tell you now you need to listen to this track about three or four times before you’ll be able to process all the lyrics. But do it. There’s an excitement to it that makes you feel happy, yet there’s this sense of looking back on your past in a way that I really like, too. The lyrics are complex, but valuable. The modern rock sensibility works really well. Tap your toes – it’ll be okay.

Lucille Furs – “Paint Euphrosyne Blue”
-Don’t feel bad if you had to look up “euphrosyne” because I did also. It’s the name of an ancient goddess. This is definitely psych rock to the ‘nth degree. In fact, I would go as far as to say it’s something like the Sergeant Peppers version of the Beatles. The Eastern religion influence combined with McCartney-esque harmonies and a badass organ makes it a beautifully provocative sound.

Silvheir – “Melinoe”
-I told my friends on social media that this song sounds like John Mayer and the whole pop-blues movement from the early 2000s. I stand by that assessment here. Silvheir is extremely talented with an intriguing lyric line, a chill groove, and convincing lead vocal. If you’ve ever missed an old flame, this track will hit you right between the eyes.

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