UK Songwriter Bella McKendree a Powerful Sound On Her New Track

UK songstress Bella McKendree is prepping what is slated to be a can’t miss album later this month. Her piano driven songwriting will win over hearts on her latest single “The One I’ll Always Love”, while her siren vocals express what can only be described as a force of nature hidden behind an unassuming frame. Powerful and astoundingly delicate, her layered sound is enough to win over the most cynical of listeners. Rarely has a track won us over so instantly as this one.

After writing songs at 10 years old, McKendree gravitated to the piano before being introduced to the music and a force of nature himself, Jeff Buckley, at 14. While her songwriting has shades of resemblance, what really stands out in both artists is their ability to construct an intimate sonic space in a short period of time. The maturity in her voice and style surpass her young age, and this will continue to surprise audiences when Silver Birch is released on January 25th.

If you are in the Camden area, check her album release show at Camden Chapel on January 31st.

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