Zan Fiskum Crafts Uplifting “You Take Care of Me”

The music of Zan Fiskum is incredibly uplifting. This, of course, is part of the operating standard within the genre she espouses – worship. Yet, we hear a lot of submissions that never really get to the heart of this, settling instead for large sounds and commercial appeal. Perhaps the greatest strength of Fiskum is her ability to craft an intimate environment in which she sings. Listeners are sure to feel secure within her wall of sound, almost as if you are alone with the artist. The track is for sure produced, yet it doesn’t get lost in such production. It has a rising anthemic creed, but this serves only to break through the restraints of hearts to something much deeper. It is tight. It is creative. It is authentic.

Fans of Bethel and Lauren Daigle will appreciate the young artist’s vocals and heart. There is a lot to love about the music of Fiskum, and we hope you will agree. “You Take Care of Me” is her fourth single, and will continue to work on her craft in the following year.

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