A variety playlist for early January 2019

James Smith – “Tell Me That You Love Me”
-Since this track has over 3 million plays you might be thinking it’s not very “indie,” but we still want to support this kind of music. The vocal is outstanding and the easy going songwriting fills the listener with warm fuzzies. It’s a timeless love song that seems perfect for this time of year. Even though it’s ultimately about breaking up, the sweet sentiments are adorable. This one should be a long lasting hit track for 2019.

Yellowtael – “All of a sudden I miss you…”
-When you hear the term “post rock” maybe you don’t know totally what to expect, but Yellowtael have created something perfect for the genre here. There are elements of atmospheric rock blended with an almost neoclassical sensibility. If you feel like you could have it on in the background of your life like a soundtrack and it would both inspire you and make you pause for reflection, that’s post rock. We’re loving the weaving lines of this Yellowtael track and can’t wait to hear where they take the genre next.

The Demos – “If you only knew”
-There’s a certain positive vibe that comes from the music that The Demos produce. It’s a sort of knowing joyfulness that looks at the world, “well, fine, we found it and you can have it if you follow us.” There’s an optimistic energy in the guitars and the vocals that keeps us coming back to this one. Get your toes tapping to this unique modern indie rock vibe.

Ricky Lorimer – “Traveller”
-If you came of age listening to Third Day (as some of our faithful readers have done), you will really enjoy this track from Ricky Lorimer. There’s a sincerity to the vocal that is absolutely stunning. I appreciate the lead vocal’s accent, sure, but it’s really the gravelly tone and consistent quality that wins the day. The up tempo energy keeps the track moving, pulling the listener along for the journey.

The West Coast Feed – “Sky Pines”
-I couldn’t believe my ears the first time I heard this song. It’s infectiously fun. The nostalgic imagery in the lyrics and video really do great things for transporting the listener to another place. I love the Matchbox20 kind of energy to the track. It’s impossible to listen to this track and not be in a good mood. It should be on the radio for that feel good rock station near you.

Nat and Jono – “Six Dollar Shirt”
-We covered Nat and Jono last week because they were so stunningly good. Then we heard this song from them, which might actually be better. The overall style is sweet folk duo, but they carry a certain seriousness to their song structures that make it unique. This isn’t the happy go lucky style of Jenny and Tyler or quite the old intimacy of the Civil Wars. It inhabits another space that is fascinating and, in a word, tantalizing.

Stations Creations – “Thoughts Like Mountains”
-One of the first genres I ever liked that was “my own” ie. not what my parents listened to – was pop punk. I will always have a soft spot for bands who can play power chords and sing in tight harmonies. This track from Station Creations hit me right away as a bright new contribution to the genre. They remind me of the bands that I loved years ago like Good Charlotte. It’s an enjoyable, engaging sound.

Lone Wild – “Stranger Ways”
-The energetic approach of Lone Wild reminds me of something from a bygone era brought to the modern day with a ton of energy and light. There are some definite 80s inflections in the synths and vocals, yet the overall vibe doesn’t feel derivative or even old fashioned. It feels quite crisp and fresh. It’s the kind of track that feels ripe for a video montage on a feature film. I can’t wait to hear how this sound continues to develop.

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