Our 2 Favorite Thursday Tracks

Josh Beech – “No Trouble”

The model turned musician Josh Beech has crafted some interesting vibes on his new single. “I’m really happy to finally share some new music,” states the artist. “It feels like it’s been forever since I released any music under my own name and its felt weird not putting out any new songs for so long! No Trouble is my first solo release in over 3 years and it’s a slight departure from my normal solo material. There isn’t any folky guitar in No Trouble for a start and this song is also my first solo recordin that’s not so solo! No Trouble was a writing collaboration between myself, Brothers James & Joe Dzuris and Brent Kutzle (One Republic).” The overall feel of the track is something special. It builds and turns while giving great support to his emotive vocals. Watch out for more from Beech in ’19.

Joy Downer – “Plastic Wrap”

We have been excited to share this one with you since the first guilty moment of spinning it in our cheap earbuds. “Plastic Wrap” is a perfect blend of electro, and pop catch nostalgia. The lyrical dynamic hits on materialism and is delivered beautifully by some of our favorite vocals of the past few months. The LA duo showcases bountiful talent on a track that beckons all to sing along. Their strength is found in the way they layer the track and let the sound roll without hindrance but without becoming meandering. The band chemistry is palpable. Currently they are working on their follow-up to their ’17 EP Radio Dreamer, and we will be waiting with collective excitement for new tunes to share.

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