Folk Inspired Must Hear Artists

Okay Mann – “It Won’t Be Long”

The word “cinematic” comes to mind when describing songwriter Okay Mann‘s new video. “It Won’t Be Long” was shot during a layover in Iceland and fits the idea of being left behind perfectly. There is a beautiful pop folk sensitivity here that develops through simple chords and vocals which we believe will connect to many different audiences. The Canadian artist has a great, crisp, mix here too that speaks of a talent beyond songwriting. We dig this track and leave ever spin with a growing sense of the feels.

Old Sea Brigade – “Sinkhole”

While we could probably make a playlist of submitted tracks featured on Grey’s Anatomy, this one is different. The building ambient sound that infuses the Atlanta born songwriter’s Americana heart, creates a unique and terrifically blended track that sticks to your soul like the winter’s cold. The guitar intro is delicate and builds a lasting haunt that only increases with every repeated play. If ever a song soundtracked a season of time and weather, “Sinkhole” does so for our current time and mood.

The Bull Brothers – “High Time”

Rarely do we receive a track which we want to listen to on repeat before it even finishes playing through. In this cynical business, tracks like “High Time” renew our hope in what music is meant to be. The UK duo blend Americana, Folk, and rock with ease on their debut EP, which was produced by Matt Ingram (Laura Marling, The Staves). The Bull Brothers are one of our favorite new acts to come across recently and we think you will be equally excited to hear their carefully layered work.

Josh Savage – “Golden Days”

The vocals of Savage sounds both familiar and undoubtedly unique. The UK songwriter creates a emotive and nostalgic track with “Golden Days”. It reminds us of a better time in our lives and forces us to feel what the artist is feeling, which is a sure sign of great songwriting. The young troubadour is just getting started but is already gaining traction with tastemakers and musical fans across the world. “Golden Days” is a near perfect introduction to his style and beauty.

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