Discovering truly unique neoclassical music

Tom Merrall – “Dreaming of Forever”
-Merrall’s style is ever-moving, a sense of constant evolution with the piano. The rolling style is hypnotic and engaging both at the same time. Sometimes it reminds me of the Chicago classic “Colour My World” while other times echoing more of a modern piano style. It’s thought provoking and relaxing.

Tristan Eckerson – “Cartographer”
-Since we’ve been covering neoclassical for the past two years, one of the hardest things is to find a sound that really stands out. Well Eckerson does that with staccatto notes for the melody over a cool, peaceful lower end. The composition feels simultaneously bright and lulling. It feels like a warmer time of year, that’s for sure. There’s a delight in the composition that easily translates itself to the listening experience.

Milana Zilnik – “The Piano as big as a tree”
-Zilnik brings a thoughtful phrasing to the music. Can you hear the way each line goes in its own unique direction? I’m reminded of walking in a forest or going on an adventure. Unlike so much in neoclassical that rolls in repetition, Zilnik creates unique textures that unfold from phrase to phrase. It’s an incredibly evocative track well worth a few listens.

Kaleidoscope of Colours – “Yellow”
-The piano is a voice in and of itself, so when you hear this track you can’t help but be pulled in by the sweetness of the voice here. As the track transitions and grows, it becomes more cinematic, yet still sets the vision for the song. I can vividly see visions of my life when listening to this; it’s one of the most creative and nostalgic neoclassical tracks I’ve heard all year. I remember my youth with this song and it moves me emotionally.

Luigi Casabona – “Ben Varrey’s Rhapsody”
-I don’t know who Ben Varrey is or what he did to deserve a rhapsody, but this is a wonderful piece. It’s a duet with piano and cello, pulling in the listener for a unique blend of the two instruments. It’s a bit faster than you might expect for a song like this. The mood feels bright yet conversational. I’m not sure exactly the message behind it, but I find it perfect for a reading or studying playlist that soothes without putting you to sleep.

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