3 Must Hear Tracks

TOLDEDO – “Bath”

The shoe gaze vibes are strong on this one. The guitar intro is dreamy and sets the stage for a track that drips with a nostalgic vibe. The Brooklyn duo are readying a EP for early next year, and we cannot wait to hear more of their creatively constructed sonic piercing tracks. The way they work together, gels especially towards the climax of “Bath” with folkesque layered vocals. This is a good one.

Archie Langley – “Beau”

Langley is a talent that transcends his 21 years on this planet. There are few artists who command attention like this dynamically vulnerable vocal crooner. His style is his own, yet reminds us of some of our favorite artists like Tom Odell, Chris Martin, and Ben Howard. His strength is his ability to make listeners feel like they are the only ones in the room. It is intimate and disarming. It would be easy to name him a “next big thing”, but we almost want to keep his music to ourselves, hidden for those days our heads weighs a little too heavy on our shoulders. Yet, we are sure that with one listen, you will agree there is something incredibly unique about Archie Langley. 

Ruby Gill – “Your Mum”

Melbourne based Ruby Gill has a boiling sincerity that listeners wait on the edge of their seat while she dips and dives vocally throughout a close to combustible track. “Your Mum” has bite to it, but it also has incredible vulnerability and sincerity. Lyrically it plays with a relational conflict backed by a electric guitar. She is a quintessential songwriter we appreciate and will continue to champion. Her talent is rare and truly embodies the day and age we find ourselves in.

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