Thursday’s Must Hear Tracks

Hot Collars – “Good Fun”

There is a certain wave of fun that is unmistakable in the music of Hot Collars. We find it refreshing and cannot stop listening to everything they release. In a world of bad news and heartbreak, “Good Fun” is the track you need on repeat right now. Of course, all of that other stuff won’t go away, but it might help you clear your head and rise above it for a spell. That is the strength of this band – they help you truly get lost in the moment, the melody, the fun. Oh, and they are damn good at crafting catchy moments that stick with you for hours to come.

Far Caspian – “Blue”

This UK act have been winning us over for awhile now, and we could not wait to listen to their newest single. “Blue” continues their unique blend of shoe gaze dream pop while further carrying their lyrical talent. The band creates an atmosphere that is inviting and consuming with hazy guitars and echoing vocals. There are reasons for the buzz they have been receiving lately and it is much deserved. “The track itself is about unrequited love, and being consumed by being so close to a person, yet knowing that your feelings wouldn’t be reciprocated” frontman Joel Johnston says, “My good pal Milhouse Van Houten was the main inspiration for the song.” We here at Ear to the Ground support any Simpsons reference, especially when it sounds this good.

Jack Perrett – “Like A Fever”

This is a straight forward piece of rock magic. The UK artist crams a lot into the under three minute rock anthem. Buzzing guitar, that at one point sounds very Strokes, and relentless drums are met with signature rock vocals. There is nothing overly complicated happening here, but where many acts would try to jam more into the track, Perrett trusts his instincts and incredible talent. He lets the music track play and take on whatever form it may. The result is one hell of a burning track.

Other – “Wings”

There is a surprising lyrical strength to the music of Other. The minimal electro pop style is spot on, but often in this style listeners can lose the voice and statement made by the artist. A strength of this track is how the sound, while compelling, doesn’t overcome the artist’s voice, which we feel is the true draw here. Both her talent and her content are showcased on what could be heard as a short taste of a bigger artistic narrative. Other is a definite talent and one who we are excited to hear more from.

Native Sun – “11th Street”

Tracks like these are difficult to write about. We love them, but how do you describe such a visceral reaction to a audio medium? The first thing that stood out to us was the throwback sound that reminds us of some legends who have came before. They rekindled our love for a specific, undefined style. The Lou Reed style vocals play well as the wall of rock is constructed to its combustible ending. This is a great track you need to hear. Words fail us as to why.

Jealous of the Birds – “Marrow”

The project of Naomi Hamilton, Jealous of the Birds have generated buzz from the likes of NPR and BBC, and for good reason. The lyrical build and content is something special and deep but not ungraspable. “Marrow” has a certain Cat Power sway to it and is equally as surprising as it unfolds. “This is my attempt to articulate what it’s like to be a human being navigating one’s inner and outer worlds,” explains Hamilton. “After I graduated university a year ago, I became much more resolute about chasing a life in music, art and travelling. To me, ‘Marrow’ captures that sense of striving for authenticity in all its colours and forms.”

Interpol – “If You Really Love Nothing”

What is left to say about Interpol? We have been digging their sixth studio album, Marauder, but perhaps we have been loving their impressive videos more. We covered their psychedelic video for “The Rover” recently, but their recent one is by far our favorite. For “If You Really Love Nothing”, the band enlists actress Kristen Stewart in what works as a short film set in a night in Hollywood. The band comes and fades throughout, giving a cigarette sparked performance that feels very Interpol. 


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