Singer-songwriters to Welcome the Changing Season

The leaves are changing, the weather’s turned cold… but our hearts are warm and hopeful. Unless you hate fall, in which case you’re heart is of the colder variety. But, if you love the changing season then here are some tunes to help stoke the hearth. If you don’t, then listen to some of these singer-songwriters and feel better, kiddo.


“All Over Again” by Trevor Ohlsen

Trevor’s voice is smooth, the acoustic is lovely, and the lyrics are sweet and charming. This song makes great use of background vocals to elevate and crescendo the overall sound and make something new and unexpected. What I mean by this is that the BGV’s create an illusion of being an instrument in and of themselves. They create ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and with the addition of piano and drums, we have a fully realized, fully gorgeous love song.

“She Has Her Days” by Dori Valentine

Right off the bat, the syncopated acoustic strums are breathtaking. You instantly want to start moving and feeling the rhythms. Once she begins to sing, you are then transported into a place of peace and joy. I absolutely love the high tenor harmony! The introduction of the drums after the first chorus brings with them a new rhythm and the transition into a full-bodied sound. The ethereal synth hovering above and below the track transcends the song even further. It’s an excellent song about finding what makes you happy in life.

“Bless Your Soul” by OCNSIDE

Don’t let this list fool you –if you want a soul-filled, powerhouse song, then this one is for you! Warm doesn’t always mean pianissimo. This tune is chock full of great musicality and lyrics about rising up and lifting yourself to be all that you want to be. It’s promising and encouraging, laced in and throughout a full rock-ish sound. His vocals are gritty and dynamic. This is an anthem to uplift and empower you!

“Make It Last” by Nicolai Funch

Full of the warmest and marvelous acoustic guitar strums, this is a song to close your eyes to. I mean, like… really close your eyes, listen, feel, sway, feel some more. Rinse and repeat. His voice is quiet, controlled, and genuine. Lyrically it’s about overcoming your past and with the softest touch imaginable, creates a sense of power and dignity. The harmonies on the layered vocals near the end only stamp the finality of the tune. It’s a superb singer-songwriter anthem.


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