Five singer songwriters to watch the autumn leaves fall

Trevor Myall – “Thought of You” (Explicit)
-We don’t usually feature explicit tracks, but this one is actually really well placed. It’s not gratuitous or crass; it’s the kind of deep, personal, cutting cursing that is why cursing exists. That said, the deep emotion of this song comes through in the lead vocal beautifully. It’s not an easy listen necessarily, but it’s infinitely relatable.

Emma Miller – “Merry Go Round”
-This is a beautiful song with a real heart behind it. I adore the vocal harmonies and the little chord turn at the end of the chorus. It’s definitely not the average four chord folk song. It’s got some really intricate work. It reminds me of something that might have come out of Fleetwood Mac a good 40 years ago. It’s thought provoking and interesting.

Johnny Payne – “Alice on the Other Side”
-I really like the charm of this song. If you love listening to oldies with your parents but wish they’d have something NEW, then listen to this song. It sounds like something that was withheld from a Beatles or Monkees album. It’s got a sweetness to it that keeps me coming back for more, especially the way the openness of the chorus feeds into the credibly joyful vocal harmonies.

Brandon Jenner – “All I Need is You”
-Romantic songs can be SO overdone sometimes, but Jenner really strikes a chord with this one. Something about the soothing fingerpicking here sets the stage for his familiar, pop-tinged vocal style. It reminds me of a song you might play at a wedding celebration. It’s a feel good “let’s stay in and cuddle” kind of tune, perfect for the chill of the fall.

El Campo – “Indian Blankets”
-This song has a nice folk element to it. It rolls along gently from melody to melody. The slide guitar is really good. The opening is really entertaining and pulls the listener in to the story about a man and his father. It’s right on the line between folk and country, just where we like it.

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