3 Great New Tracks For Everyone

Keelan Mak – “Flicker”

There is a ton to like about this Brisbane artist. His craft is sultry and soulful. The indie minimalist artist has a majestic way of creating tracks that have an accompanying mood that sticks to your ears as much as the impressive sound does. This particular track is about unrequited teenage love and the conquering of such things. The life and spirit of the artist is abundant on the track and we think you will truly dig it.


Little Brother Eli – “Stop Pretending”

The Oxford 4-piece has been winning us over more and more with each single they release. “Stop Pretending” has a great beat with neo soul vocals that really help the act stand out. Their sound reminds us of early, and maybe a more earnest, Maroon 5. Their instrumentation is unexpected in spots but endearingly creative. We see them continuing to pick up fans in the following year and cannot wait for a proper release.

Peter, Bjorn, and John – “Gut Feeling”

If you were to think of a band that epitomizes terms like “viral” and “crossover success”, then this is undoubtedly your definition. After years of successful, catchy, and beautiful indie pop tracks, the band took a bit of a hiatus after 20 years together. The Swedish three piece are back with clever hooks and lovable melodies. On “Gut Feeling”, one of three singles released before their full album drops next week, the band finds a more mature sound while still not taking themselves too seriously. “The story of “Gut Feeling” begins at the first gig in the US after our last album, Breakin’ Point,” shares Bjorn. “Backstage in the club in Nashville I was waiting for soundcheck and started writing what was to become “Gut Feeling,” the words came subconsciously: “I think we need to talk about it, if we don’t wanna live without it.” We actually did talk on that tour, and conflicts were resolved. It all became fun again.”

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