A Work-Week Detox Playlist!

Sitting in the living room, coffee in hand (wine if it’s night time…let’s be real), detoxing from the long work week… now, what? Music. Duh. This is a music blog… what, you thought I’d say binging Castle Rock for the 2nd time? (Well, maybe later. But for now… tunes, baby!)

“Collapse” – Cale Hawkins

Syncopated loveliness. That’s how I would quickly describe this song. His vocals are a gift to all and you should only think of them as such. His musicality is also something to admire. I love different, unique rhythms, with cool sounds, synth, and interesting use of background vocals. It’s nuanced, full of vitality and depth, and full-bodied. Need some clapping? He’s got it. Need some piano? He’s got it. Need some snare drum rim-shots? He’s got it. There’s so much going on in a short period of time, but instead of chaotic, it’s pleasant and warming. I really dig it. (Do people say “dig it” anymore? Oh well. I just did.)

“Storm” – Dahlia Sleeps

Ooh, her vocals are luscious and beautiful. Lyrically, it’s a sad song (which I adore) about not being the “only one” in a person’s life and wishing/hoping it would change. We’ve all probably been there, ladies… ammmmiiiright? The bridge/interlude around the 3:00-minute mark is something truly perfect. Gorgeous and haunting vocally and musically. The use of ambient tones is poetic and wonderful. AND the video is visually and conceptually inspired. One of the few muse videos I’ve watched in a long time that I felt so completely INTO it. I’m very excited about this song. Very!

“Don’t Lose” – Elder Island

When that groove comes in, umm… yes, please! The strumming guitar matched with perfect BGV’s is fantastic. It’s a smooth song with lots of welcomed surprises. Vocally, she’s strong and sultry, full of power and soul. After the second chorus, when the vocals all move to the melody, it creates this super flavorful (dare I say, ethereal?) sound that makes you just feel it in your bones. The crescendo of sound throughout the rest of the song is superb. What a great “jam” song! Full of so much yummy goodness!

“Broken Watch” – Fox Grin

What we have is a wonderful indie rock gem. The added pop tones add a depth I enjoyed. His voice is gentle and glossy, full of life and love. Musically, the drums are slick and the added synth makes for a very subtle but delicious depth. The song feels like a journey… as if you’re going on one and they are the soundtrack to your movements. It’s not fast, it’s not slow, it’s just right. The perfect pace, rhythm, sound, and track to lead the way.

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