New and notable Christian worship music – Guest Post by Paige Svendsen

“What It Means” – Daniel Heffington: The instrumentation and vocals are STUNNING. The emotion behind the words is so apparent, and it is clear that Daniel Heffington has skill in writing with meaning. As the song builds, more and more layers of sound are added to present a full sound experience. The almost abrupt ending leaves you satisfied while also craving more.

“Loud” – Bethany Worship: What a fun and engaging song. “Loud” is joyful and musically excellent, with many rises and falls in its dynamic level. It offers great drum beats (and even a solo or two), exciting guitar riffs, and an overall great set of vocalists who sound as if they really enjoy their craft. “Loud” is definitely shouting out truth, and I think it is a great worship song.

“Bring Me Home” – Steven Sayles: When I listen to this song, I imagine it being sang around a campfire with closest friends. It is so warm and inviting, drawing you in with just the first few chords. The driving acoustic sound with the pads underneath create a tone of intimacy that is really enjoyable and calming.

“Fearless BND” – Victorious: It was apparent from the first seconds of the song that a dynamic shift would happen, and it would be big. When the drums started ramping up and the energy shifted, I got pumped. This song is full of surprises, and the vocals and musicians are tight, excellent, and inspiring.

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