Top Two Tracks To Help You Find Tranquility

Alright. It’s here. The WEEKEND!!!! I’ve had a tough week, honestly, and I  was needing some perfectly timed songs to give me a bit of comfort. So, here are two (yes, I really only mean two…) of the best tracks I’ve heard all week that will surely catapult all of us into true peace and happiness. I mean… at least help push us towards it.

Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.


“Realistic City Living” by Beta Radio

Folky. Homey. Cozy. –The perfect recipe for a tune so genuinely calming and wonderful. In the beginning, the acoustic folk guitar strumming grabs your hand and starts your walk together through your journey, meeting with a smoky lead vocal and ultra-blended BGVs along the way. The flute flutters around your head like a beautifully-colored butterfly. The piano leads your steps to and fro. And then, as it ends, the soft marching snare carries you home. And yes, I mean exactly what I just typed… because everything about this song is picturesque and fantastical.

“Far From Here” by Emma Charles

The juxtaposition of the obscure intro music with the singer-songwriter-infused vocals and guitar is unique and intriguing. And I love the timbre of her voice! It’s sultry but not overdone. Smooth but not boring. Familiar but something definitely all its own. It really digs in after the second chorus and bridge-like interlude, elevating the song to a new heightened sound. “I always know how to mess things up.” If that isn’t a lyric that anyone can relate to, then I don’t know what would! All in all, this song is a genuine, heartfelt, and well-executed song that oozes soul. I’m for sure keeping my ears open for more from this artist!


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