The Top 5 Artists You Need NOW

Hospital – “Golden Days”

We have been big fans of the Russian indie pop band for awhile now. It appears with their new singles, they are finally starting to get the much deserved recognition we predicted years ago. Their sound is incredibly dreamy and dripping with nostalgia. While vocally, it sounds like it could fit right into your favorite ’80’s high school movie. We are hard pressed to find an act that can shape a sound and song quite like Hospital. Their talent is understated and overwhelming, seamlessly jumping from genres and expectations with little effort.

Wingtip – “Fake It”

This right here is a track capable of bringing together audiences from all over the musical landscape. The LA DJ and producer crafts a sound that is optimistic and resounding, while carrying a deeper message. A track about mental well-being and health, Wingtip has a knack for hooks and melodies that will connect with many. Ghosts of Youth is his new EP and is sure to be laced with soulful pop gems.

Belaver – “Grave Robber”

Explorative and simmering, “Grave Robber” is a near classic folk exploration of the grave and more. Produced by fellow troubadour Robert Ellis the track has a trademark doom to it while experimenting with different sounds and textures. The result is something eerie and incredibly special. There is a tinge of alt-electro here that works well in the artist’s blended folk sound. This is a must hear, especially with Halloween coming up.

ZOLA – “Blue”

If you dig chill, mellow, and soulful minimalist pop, then look no further to this 22 year old crooner. Her debut EP is full of some of the best tunes you will hear this fall. Vocally, she carries the song in a way few artists can, while lyrically it engages and resonates with listeners at any age. Musically, if you liked the now defunct As Tall As Lions, then you will find a similar soundscape here. We are incredibly impressed and immediately hooked to the music of ZOLA. 

Jesse Jo Stark – “I Wish I Was Dead”

This right here is why we love what we do. The rocker has a scorching presence and attitude that encapsulates all that the genre espouses. Stark has opened up for acts like Guns N’ Roses and Jane’s Addiction, while winning fans with her scorching live show. Her influences, however, are found in classics like John Prine and Merle Haggard, and if you listen, you can hear similar songwriting styles amidst the guitars and reverb. This might be one of the more fun artists we have come across recently and cannot wait to hear more from.

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